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Fragrance in the car

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Car fragrance pendant, car air freshener is a stylish accessory that will fill the cabin with your favorite fragrance and improve the mood of the car owner. Car perfume is made on the basis of natural essential oils from France, will create a pleasant atmosphere, will charge with positive emotions. Car aromatizer cardboard will improve your mood and create a pleasant aromatic atmosphere. Choose a perfumed fragrance diffuser and enjoy the aromatic comfort and positive emotions while driving. The set includes 3 scent diffusers, they can be used as scent sachets in the interior - at home in the closet, in the bathroom, in the office. Fragrance diffuser will be a pleasant and useful gift and a sign of attention on any holiday for loved ones, loved ones, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Made of high-capillary cardboard and soaked in fragrance
The set includes 3 pieces.
Packed in designer cardboard envelope
Weight incl. packing: 100g
Product size: 12 x 5 cm
Pouch size: 8 x 16 x 1.5 cm
Diffusion time: up to 2 months