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Privacy Policy

Aromance - Privacy Policy


1. We recognise that privacy of personal information is important to individuals. Personal information for our business purposes is to be minimal, private, correct, safe and largely in the control of the individual. Except where otherwise legally appropriate we will treat your personal information as private.

2. If you have a particular concern or query about your personal information held by us you should email us at 

3. Because of the nature of our business it is necessary to obtain personal information from time to time. We will however not be intrusive nor obtain or use information in an inappropriate manner. We will only ask for and use personal information we reasonably need to conduct our business. If you have signed up to the Aromance registration and do not wish to receive any advertising material then there is a cease option at the end of every email.

5. As part of us keeping your personal information private we only allow access on a need to know basis i.e. deliveries. We use a recognised SSL certificate which secures the transfer of sensitive data such as credit card or login information between a web browser and a server. Having an SSL certificate enables the data to be encrypted so that it can only be read by the authorised server - even if the encrypted data is intercepted, it is unreadable. Displaying the certificate delivers peace of mind to you the customer, certifying that our website is a legitimate and a secure site.

6. It is important for us that persons with whom we do business have confidence that we handle information responsibly and it is our policy to do this. We do not store full credit card details on our website as this is handled by the payment gateway that we use to process the customer transactions. It is in Aromance’s best interest to ensure your privacy with regards to sharing information and we will abide by what we have claimed.