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Premium white 100 мл

"Bal d Afrique" Aroma diffuser Premium 100 мл
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Bal d'Аfriquе - очаровательный, нежный, легкий, мягкий, ненавязчивый, универсальный аромат. Стартует сочными, звонкими цитрусовыми нотами в переплетении с фруктовыми оттенками, далее себя проявляет нежный, кремово-белоцветочный аккорд, в базе преобладает легкая древесность в сочетании с мускусо..
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Reed diffuser is a useful home accessory. The diffuser with sticks will accentuate the interior design, create a feeling of comfort and coziness. The scented air freshener will give harmony and inspiration, share pleasant emotions. Aromance home fragrance is high-quality, long-lasting, and versatile. The diffuser perfectly conveys the motifs of popular perfumes - it is made of natural essential oils from France; the fiber sticks can regulate the intensity of the fragrance composition. The diffuser will become a decoration of any room and a unique gift for any occasion.

Capacity: 100 ml/3,38 fl. oz

Weight: 0.35 kg

Bottle: glass

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 25 cm

Diffusion time: up to 7 months

Coverage area: 10-30 sq. meters

Kit: 8 fiber sticks, instructions.